Twitch Sub Badges

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How do Badges for Twitch Work?

Badges are earned, not given, and this is what makes them such an interesting feature in the Twitch community. They are provided to followers when subscribing to a channel, but their potential use goes much further. Different badges are awarded to fans based on the length of time they have subscribed to a streamer, giving the earliest and most loyal fans a chance to show off how long they’ve been around. Many content creators are using sets of sub badges for Twitch to retain their audience and create a space where their efforts are appreciated.

How does this Help Your Channel?

Your fans want to feel noticed, especially when they’ve been with you before the rest of your audience. Badges are the simplest way to give them a shout-out while ensuring they stick around. The most die-hard fans create the hype around your content, so why not reward them with something special?

A Polished Appearance:

As most people know, anyone can create a Twitch channel. Thousands of content creators are all fighting for the same followers and trying to set themselves apart. A set of Twitch badges provides your channel with a touch of professionalism that lets your followers know you’re serious about streaming.

Tips for Badges that Stand Out:

Whether you’re out to make your fans smile, laugh or blush, choose from a wide range of symbols and images to find badges your audience will love.

The reason so many streamers are using professional packs of Twitch badges? They stick to the regulations outlined by the site. There’s nothing more frustrating than being blocked by Twitch, and choosing our badges prevents you from breaching any rules and saves valuable content creation and streaming time.

How to Add and Use Your Badges:

1) First, click on the partner section on the dashboard and open the subscriptions tab.
2) Go to loyalty badges and choose the badge you would like to use below ‘Manage Badges’.
3) Select the + symbol on the 3 identical images in the sizes specified by each folder.
4) Remember to click save changes.
5) Show off your new set of Badges!