This service is meant to be used to generate image assets and resources ( the items ) that could be used in different projects and websites. To make it easier and more clear how you can use the items, we provide licenses along with the items that are available to you.

While some of the items might be too simple to declare copyright, these licenses are both for using the items and our software. Thus, to use and any item from it, you should follow the rules of each license, such as, by paying or making attribution before using.

Once you acquired the license, you can use the items downloaded from freely with exceptions of certain condition. Please check the limitation section for more information about the exceptions.

Currently there are 4 different licenses: Free License

With Free license ( EC-FREE / FREE / Free License ), items are dedicated to the public domain by waiving all our right worldwide under copyright law. You can use items under LD-FREE freely for any purpose. The watermark cannot be deleted.

You may also pay to remove watermark for the items released under Free License; in this situation, you get the Pay License. Pay License

A price comes along with items released under Pay License ( EC-PAY / PAY / Pay License ). By paying with that price, you get the use right of specific items, and is attribution free.

Price for an items might be different time to time due to discount, items packs or other reason.


You can use proper licensed items freely except following cases:

1. Direct Resell

We prohibit a directly resell, or provide as free, of downloaded items from our service.

2. Build similar services

It’s not allowed to use our items to build a website, app or any kind of service that serves for similar purpose of

3. Programmatic Actions

We don’t allow programmatically scraping of our contents.

4. Transferability

The customer is not allowed to licence the licence by himself or transfer it or sign it over to another person without‘s consent which has to be provided in writing.