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The Emotes Creator Affiliation Program is the perfect opportunity to earn credit on your account by simply inviting friends and followers to buy emotes and badges on Emotes Creator. For each new customer gained, you will receive some credit equal to 10% of the amount spent by your friend / follower

How it works

After signing up for the Emote Creator Partner Program, you will be allowed to choose your own username and password to access our secure website member area. After logging in, you will find a customized referral link that you can share with your friends, followers and website visitors.

When people will click on this link and subsequently make a purchase, you will receive 30% of the value of the transaction. This is the best part: your affiliate link will give you credit for the sales generated up to 24 hours later. Any purchase generated by users who clicked your link and will place an order in the next 24 hours will allow you to earn a commission!

What do I earn?

For every qualified referral, you will receive 30% of the value of the purchase. So if your referral place an order for $50, you will earn $15!

How do I get paid?

For each purchase generated, you will receive your credit after a few seconds. You can use your credit immediately to place new orders.

Otherwise, ninety (90) days after you will receive your credit (100$ minimum in total), you can request the payment via PayPal. Currently, this kind of payment can be requested only by subjects who can issue an invoice.

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