“Dysk” Animated Stream Pack


No matter what platform you’re using, this is the all-inclusive streaming pack for you. We’ve added everything to cover all of your page’s needs ensuring it looks as professional and detail-oriented as possible. The Dysk Animated Stream Pack covers your bases no matter the circumstance. It’s an easy way to make your page look more legitimate and improve your audience’s experience, even when you’re out of reach. 5 Color Options included.


What’s included?

  • Animated Overlay
  • Animated Webcam Frame
  • 6 Alerts (New Follower, Subscriber, Cheer, Donation, Raid, Host)
  • Starting – Be Right Back – Ending Animated Screens
  • Offline Screen + Editable PSD File
  • Stinger Transition
  • 12 Panels + Editable PSD File
  • Avatar and Header + Editable PSD File
  • Streamlabs OBS import file


  • OBS
  • Streamlabs
  • StreamElements
  • …and a lot more!